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Animal Manor, Inc.
Animal Manor, Inc.
Animal Manor, Inc.

204 Peenpack Trail, Huguenot, NY 12746

Nancy Gibson, Founder and President

Situated on 76 acres in Huguenot, near Port Jervis, NY, Animal Manor is an animal sanctuary that will join other animal welfare organizations in attempting to create a world with no more homeless pets. The sanctuary will promote adoption as well as create a cage-free forever home for animals who are not adopted.

There is a cat building, which houses the sanctuary office and up to forty cats in large rooms with screened-in porches. Both paid staff and volunteers care for the cats, and a lot of time is spent on socialization. We hope to provide volunteer opportunities for the elderly, veterans and for troubled adolescents, especially people with autism.

We will also create a TNR (trap/neuter/release) program in the Port Jervis area to help control the feral cat population and provide information about the role of feral cats to the community.

There is also a large barn, situated in front of two ponds and an old stone wall foundation, providing living space and recreation for ducks, goats, some pigs, and other neglected farm animals.

Eventually we will build at least two dog octagons (modeled on the facilities at Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah). Having these buildings in place will provide a cage-free living space for up to seventy-five dogs. Since dogs will be living in groups of six (each group having a large room and ample yard space), each dog will be trained by a professional dog trainer before joining his/her "familyā€¯.

Finally, we hope to work in conjunction with schools to educate students about caring for animals and about Pit bulls (stressing that every dog is an individual) and provide field trips for small groups to the sanctuary.
Humane Society of Port Jervis and Deerpark
Humane Society of Port Jervis and Deerpark

202 Rt. 209, Port Jervis, NY 12771
Susan Beecher, Shelter Manager

The Humane Society of PortJervis/Deerpark has served the Tri-State community for more than four decades. The Humane Society of Port Jervis/Deerpark is a full service shelter. All animals that come to our facility are given shelter, food, water, and comfort and compassion as they anxiously wait for their new family to take them home. Please be assured that great efforts are being made every single day to place our animals in good, caring homes.

Call: 845-856-3677
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