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Crystal Run Health Plan, founded by Crystal Run Healthcare in January 2015, has a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals with decades of experience in the health care and health insurance.

Innovative Healthcare
At Crystal Run we have revolutionized the concept of traditional healthcare.
As a member you can take advantage of our Crystal Run Health Plan Concierge Program (CRHPCP). Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) and concierge are devoted entirely to assisting you to make an impactful difference in your long term health and wellness. As a member, you have access to your own personal concierge that will help you navigate your healthcare needs.
We encourage you to experience this elite level of service. Your CRHP concierge will:

Coordinate a welcome call with Crystal Run Healthcare’s Managing Partner and CEO.

Coordinate an introductory call with your PCP if you select a Crystal Run Healthcare PCP where they will provide you with their personal cell phone in case you need to get in touch with them.

Assist you in finding a network provider, pharmacy or out of town provider.

Help you schedule an appointment.

Resolve any claim questions.

Get answers to benefit questions and explain how your health plan works.

Your concierge will also establish a personal connection with you throughout the year to check on your health status.

Will coordinate a health care screening and assist you in tracking and improving your health care scorecard.

Crystal Run is guided by the experience and expertise of the following individuals.
Stephen Zeng – Executive Director
Jonathan Nasser, MD – Chief Medical Officer
Kathleen Owens  – Chief Compliance Officer
Michelle Reay – Vice President, Operations
Everett Patterson Jr. – Vice President, Sales & Marketing

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